Work. relax. anywhere


Business executives from around the world request to stay in our serviced apartments during their time in the USA.

We understand that time is money for our corporate clients, which is why our corporate service is tailor-made to meet their needs so they can focus on business matters while they are in town or meeting in the countryside.

Whether it’s for one person or hundreds of people, our booking process is fast and efficient, with everything from one-bedroom studios to multi-bedroom houses to choose from for a short-term stay.


Securing rewarding contracts is great. Being able to relax before and after work is even more important though, instead of constantly travelling back and forth. After all, a good night’s rest means a great day’s work!

Whether you are on fixed-term or ongoing contracts, our serviced apartments offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to hotels:
your spacious private suite with proper desk/dining space and a fully equipped kitchen.

Parking is always safe and easy. Shops, restaurants and leisure are usually ‘around the corner’.

Our booking process is fast and if you need to book serviced accommodation at short notice, we’re always on hand to discuss the best available options for you.